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Caramel Cozy Comfort Carrier

The Softest Cat Pouch Carrier for Travel, Grooming, & Vet Visits

Most cats don’t like being confined and will show their disapproval by staging a full-blown paw-test. But fear not—the Cozy Comfort Carrier is here to save the day!

With its soft and roomy interior, your cat will feel like they’re traveling in first class. Even the smallest kitten carrier bag has enough room for sitting, stretching, and lying down.

The Cozy Comfort Carrier has it all:

  • Calming “heads-out” design
  • Adjustable collar for a snug fit
  • Seat-belt loop
  • Long padded strap for over-the-shoulder carrying
  • Velcro ports for front paw access
  • Zippered bottom for back paw access and easier vet visits

It’s the purr-fect soft pet carrier for cats made specifically for trauma- and drama-free nail trimming, dental cleaning, and so much more.

Vets LOVE it, and so will you.

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Scratch-Resistant Cotton Cat Pouch Carrier

The Cozy Comfort Carrier is made of 100% cotton, making it soft and breathable. However, that doesn’t mean it’s flimsy—it’s tough as nails! The fibers are tightly woven to resist claw damage, including scratches and snags.

So while your feline friend enjoys the comfort of a soft, roomy bag that doesn’t restrict movement, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re safe and secure.

Worried about your cat having accidents en route to your destination? Pair your adult or kitten carrier bag with our disposable cat carrier liners. They absorb and lock in liquid messes, keeping your cat dry and comfortable!

Cat-Inspired Bags for Cat Lovers & Parents

Both you and your cat deserve the most stylish accessories. That’s why in addition to our comfortable & convenient cat pouch carrier, we also offer cat-inspired tote bags and purses with cats. Now, feline fanatics can show off their love for their favorite creatures.

Made with sturdy polyester, these totes, crossbody bags, and purses feature multiple designs with pockets to keep you organized for school, work, travel, errands, and more.

Check out the accessories collection today, brought to you by the creators of Cat-in-the-Bag. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the cutest cat-themed fashion finds, now!

Sizing Chart

Extra Small Size is for cats under 5 lbs.

Small Size is for most cats under 10 lbs.

Large is for most cats 10 lbs. or more.

Extra-Large is a specialty size for very large cats, typically big-breed males. These cats may start around 20 pounds and range up to 40 pounds or more, with a torso length of at least 18 inches from base-of-neck to base-of-tail. If your cat does not meet the size criteria  for XL, you should order large instead.