Acci-Don’ts: Disposable Liners for Cozy Comfort Carriers


Ultra-Absorbent Cat Carrier Liners

Accidents happen! But with Acci-Don’ts, you can keep the cat-astrophe contained! Get ready for more relaxing, stress-free travels with your feline friend by sticking our pet carrier liner to the bottom of your cat carrier before every ride.

With their “stay-put” design and super-absorbent formula that traps liquid messes between layers, these liners keep mishaps under control and everything else clean and dry—No more wet carriers, car seats, or cats! Pair these liners with your Cozy Comfort Carrier to give your cat the comfiest travel experience and yourself a little more peace of mind!

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Leak-Proof Design

At Cat-in-the-Bag, after we introduced our soft carriers in 2000, we realized they were missing something essential—a cat carrier liner. Not satisfied with existing options, we developed Acci-Don’ts, a completely leak-proof liner.

These pads fully absorb liquid and lock it between the top white padding and the reinforced blue backing to keep your car, clothes, and carrier clean. No leakage ensures your cat will stay dry and comfortable too!

To install, turn your carrier inside out, spread the liner on the bottom, peel the adhesive tabs, stick the pet carrier liner, turn the bag inside out, and viola! You, your car, and your cat are now protected!

Cat Bag & Cat Swag

Being proud cat owners ourselves, we set out to offer a more comfortable alternative to traditional crates and created the Cozy Comfort Carrier—a soft cotton carrier with a heads-out design that calms and soothes cats. It’s also a great alternative to traditional crate carriers that can feel distant and confining. Bond with your cat during travel!

The Cozy Comfort Carrier makes tasks like grooming, dental care, and vet visits much easier, especially if you have a fearful cat. When combined with our cat carrier liner, our Cat-in-the-Bag carrier turns even long car rides into a mess- and stress-free experience.

We’re obsessed with making cats, cat owners, and cat lovers happy. Our sister line, Cat-ON-the-Bag, includes fashion tote bags and purses with cats so you can flaunt your love for felines everywhere. Check out the exclusive collection now!

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