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A Ground-Breaking Idea in Cat Care:

Cats can be hard to handle when it comes to traveling, nail-trimming, medicating or teeth-cleaning.

They struggle. They scratch. They kick. They brace. They get loose.

The Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier, however, is designed to be better than a crate for traveling and is easy to use for care at home.

It was developed especially for cats to be secure, but also comfortable.

No Trauma, No Drama:

Many cats have a fear of restraint and will resist being put into a crate, but the heads-free design of our bag-style carrier calms that fear. Quickly slip the adjustable collar over your cat’s head, and he won’t be feeling the confinement.

He doesn’t feel trapped. The roomy, soft cotton bag gives him plenty of room to stretch, sit up, stand up, lay down and curl up.

But comfort doesn’t mean we’ve sacrificed security. Fasten the adjustable Velcro collar snugly around your cat’s neck, with room for one finger to slide under it. He’s secured in the bag so you can take him outside. You can give medicine without him scratching or running away.

The Revolutionary Design:

The Cozy Comfort Carrier is made of tightly woven cotton that resists scratching and snags. The looseness of the bag makes it easy to put it on your cat, and allows him unrestricted movement for comfort.

The Velcro collar adjusts to fit any neck size.

A zipper opens the bag across the bottom and up one side.

A handle on the back of the bag is also a shoulder strap. There is a seat-belt pass-through under the handle.

How To Put Your Cat In The Bag:

Open the adjustable neckline and the zipper. Place the bag in front of you and fold the top side over.

Place the cat on the bag, facing away from you, with one hand cupped
firmly around his chest. Slide the collar over his head. It’s important to adjust the collar before zipping the cat into the bag, because the collar will keep the bag on your cat as you zip.

Adjust the collar by pulling the Velcro strip from inside the neckline. It will adjust to any size. Make sure you can slide one finger under it, but also make sure it is snug enough so your cat can’t slide a paw through it. Keep one arm or hand around his chest while adjusting the collar until you’re sure it’s snug enough. There is a small sticky tab on the end of the strip. Tuck the excess strip under and fasten it to the collar, forming a break-away loop.

In the car, place your cat on the seat with his face toward the dashboard. Slide your seat belt and shoulder strap through the seat-belt pass-through, and clip him in.

Vets love it!

The trip to the vet’s is a lot less stressful with the Cozy Comfort Carrier.

Cats typically arrive at the vet’s already traumatized by being in the crate. Then they often struggle with the vet and vet techs.

But with the bag carrier, it’s different. The cat arrives calmer. The vet and vet techs can actually use the bag as a tool because they don’t have to take it completely off. They can leave the neckline fastened and unzip the bottom to do much of, if not all of their work.

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Medicine and dental care:

Cats do not like to open their mouths. Many people try wrapping their cats in a towel to control them while giving pills, liquids, eye or ear drops, or while cleaning teeth.

But the towel can come unraveled as the cat struggles.

The Cozy Comfort Carrier makes a great holding bag for medicine and dental care because your cat cannot get loose. You can let the bag hold the cat while you hold his head, get his mouth open and get the medicine in. He can’t jerk his head, sending his liquid antibiotic flying. No more wasted medicine, and you know he got the whole dose.


The bag has a port on each shoulder that opens and closes with Velcro.
Use the ports to access and trim front nails.

Open the zipper across the bottom just enough to access back feet.

More Benefits!

Machine Washable 


Easy to Store

Easy to carry

Easy to maneuver in and out of your car

Sizing Chart

Extra Small Size is for cats under 5 lbs.

Small Size is for most cats under 10 lbs.

Large is for most cats 10 lbs. or more.

Extra-Large is a specialty size for very large cats, typically big-breed males. These cats may start around 20 pounds and range up to 40 pounds or more, with a torso length of at least 18 inches from base-of-neck to base-of-tail. If your cat does not meet the size criteria  for XL, you should order large instead.