Peek-a-boo Cat

Exotic, colorful clutch purse/makeup bag from Cat-in-the-bag


1 (main) pocket

Size: Approx. L 9 x H 7 x D 1.5 inches; no handle. This bag is ideal for makeup, cell phone, keys, wallet. Zips closed.

Features: clutch/makeup bag in bold, exotic pattern, zips closed with colorful beads attached to zipper.

For daily use, traveling, shopping, makeup storage, makes a great gift.


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Sizing Chart

Extra Small Size is for cats under 5 lbs.

Small Size is for most cats under 10 lbs.

Large is for most cats 10 lbs. or more.

Extra-Large is a specialty size for very large cats, typically big-breed males. These cats may start around 20 pounds and range up to 40 pounds or more, with a torso length of at least 18 inches from base-of-neck to base-of-tail. If your cat does not meet the size criteria  for XL, you should order large instead.