It’s the best way to travel!

Why Cat-in-the-bag?

  • Sturdy, 100 percent cotton material that is scratch-resistant.
  • Collar adjusts to fit any neck size.
  • Four sizes available — XS, S, L, XL.
  • Handle is also a shoulder strap.
  • Separate seat-belt pass-through.
  • E-Z Zipper opens bottom and extends up side of bag.
  • Ports to access front feet for trimming.

Welcome to a calm, comfortable, secure way to travel with your cat! No more struggling with crate phobia – our carrier features a turtleneck collar that allows his head to stay out so he doesn’t feel confined. The soft, roomy bag restrains gently, allowing him to stretch and move! It’s great for nail-trimming and medicating, too! See what our customers are saying, below:

Sylvie, who has a heart condition that requires semi-annual vet trips, used to get very stressed in her crate, says Jennifer. She was relieved to find that Cat-in-the-bag keeps Sylvie calmer: "Our most recent trip to the vet! All pretty in her red bag, with no panting!"

-Jennifer and Sylvie

Sprite, the "farm boy from Kentucky," got his new Cat-in-the-bag carrier just in time for his vet visit, says owner Marielle. "Sprite loves his cat-in-the-bag," she said. "Climbed right back in when we took him to the vet!"

-Marielle and Sprite

"I have been in animal rescue for years and deal with all types of cat personalities, and they are so much more relaxed in this carrier," says Heidi. "Here is a photo taken at the vet this morning -- this cat was taken by animal control out of a hoarding situation and then sat for a few months in a cage as evidence at the shelter. Upon his rescue he has severe dental disease and an old untreated pelvis injury, and yet after all that trauma here he is at the vet, sleeping away in his Cat-in-the-bag carrier!"


Gretchen’s cat, Bane, is impossible to get into a traditional carrier, she says. She’s avoided taking him to the vet’s for that reason. "We had an emergency and my mom let me borrow your Cat-in-the-bag. He was completely calm and happy! It was like having a different cat! Now I can take him back for his boosters. Thank you for making a difference!"

-Gretchen and Bane

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