The Best Carrier for Your Cat!


Nancy B., Berlin NH Neala

Neala wasn’t happy about traveling to the vet, but this was much better than when I have to put her in a carrier! Also, my vet loved it!

Nancy B.
Berlin, NH

“I have one cat who doesn’t like a (crate) carrier. I put her on my lap, she settles down and goes right to sleep.” Kate takes her cat on a 3- to 4-hour car trip from Staten Island to a vacation home in Delaware.

Kate M.
Staten Island, NY

“I slid my arm through the strap and just held on,” said Shirley, who had to take her cat to an emergency vet appointment on the back of a motorcycle, the only vehicle she had available. She had just purchased the bag that day at the Ohio State Fair. “It was a blessing,” she said.

Shirley C.
Columbus, OH

Our older cat has kidney failure, and we keep him in there to give treatment. I’ve had more comments from vets and animal shelters — “Where did you get this?!” We are very, very pleased. And, it washes up great.

Machelle H.
Peninsula, OH

I Love it! Saves me from being torn to pieces.

Nicki R.
South Bend, IN

What I liked is I was able to take the cat to the vet and hair didn’t get all through the car.

Martha V.
Butler, PA

Dear Designer of the wonderful Cat-in-the-bag carrier, Thank you for creating the Cat-in-the-bag carrier. No longer do I anticipate, or have a stressful time when we need to take our kitties Sheba and Rascal to the vet. Both cats HATED the plastic box carriers that we had used previously. To get Sheba and Rascal in and out of the plastic box carriers was extremely difficult and never went without them putting up a big fight with hissing and biting. I felt horrible putting them through it. If only one kitty needed to go to the vet, I began carrying him or her in my arms wrapped in a towel while my husband would drive. If my husband wasn’t able to take me, or if I had to take both kitties alone it was really terrible. They would have to ride in the plastic box carriers… I now am able to easily and securely hold one kitty in each arm. They’re not able to get loose, and not only do they feel better but I feel better too not having to upset them by using those old plastic box carriers. When I have to take them in the car by myself, it’s no longer a problem thanks to being able to safely secure them by using the seat belt through the carrier’s handle. Another great thing was that the vet was able to get their temperature by simply unzipping the bag… Sheba and Rascal are very spoiled. They’re children and we love them dearly. We care about their health and happiness. Thank you from all of us for the Cat-in-the-bag carrier!

Dianee and Richard Z.
Altamonte Spring, FL

Sid loves his cat bag. I have it folded on the arm of the couch and he insists on sleeping right on top of it.

Tracey D.
Austintown, OH

“I always tell my vet how nice it is, and the vet is always very interested.”

Janet R.
Lakeville, PA

I purchased the cat-in-the-bag at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio in August, 2005, and I love it! I rescued my cat from a heavy traffic area, thus she’s scared to death to hear cars driving by when I’m carrying her to and from the car. There were several instances where she almost jumped from my arms while carrying her to the car. Since purchasing this awesome product, I don’t have to worry about my cat getting away, and she seems to feel more secure while riding in the car as well. I thought my cat would not be receptive to the idea, but she doesn’t mind one bit. I would recommend the cat-in-the-bag to all cat owners, it’s really a great concept.

Columbus, OH

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