The Best Carrier for Your Cat!


Well, I placed the “Cat-in-the-Bag” near the favorite window sitting spot. It has been well sat upon.  Today, I worked up the courage to try putting the fellas in it and clipping  claws. This is where the dream part comes into play … it worked. It worked well.

Pat W.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I took my sick kitty to the vet in this bag last week, and not once did he yowl or hiss like he did in his cat crate.  He could sit on my lap before the exam, and stayed calm for the vet, too.  I raved about my new cat bag to my mother, who borrowed it to take her cat to the vet. It was such a positive experience, she’s going to get one of her own! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made for my cats. I’m going to donate my old crates to an animal shelter, and spread the gospel of the cat bag.

Quinn O.

I’ve struggled for over nine years to find a carrier for my Cowboy. He truly hates hard sided carriers and never took a car trip to the vet or moving which didn’t result in panic attacks, panting, and vomiting within the first five to ten minutes of the trip. I initially purchased the Cat-in-the-Bag after a friend sent me a copy of a Facebook video and I thought I had nothing to lose in trying it. Right after receiving it, Cowboy was due for his annual vet visit so we gave it a try. It was amazing, he remained calm the entire trip – and while not excited to see the vet, he wasn’t already worked up before we got there which was also pleasant for the staff.  Thank you!

Denise W.

Julie S., Grass Valley CA CJ

CJ let’s me place his fuzzy face through the bag and zip him up in seconds without a fuss. He pretty much hangs out and takes his medicine now easily. Thank you so much!!!

Julie S.
Grass Valley, CA

Holly A., Columbia SC Sampson & Delilah

Got my bags today!! Surprised at how easy it was to put on them and they were so calm! No yowling like usual in the hard carriers! Can’t wait to try them in the car for Thanksgiving! Much easier to carry with 40 lbs. of cat between the two.

Holly A.
Columbia, SC

C. Dawn M., Anderson Mill TX Joplyn & Kiki

Joplin on the left and Kiki on the right on their way for follow up vet appts today at the office where I work. I can’t imagine juggling two crated cats by myself!

Dawn M.
Anderson Mill, TX

Diana E., State Center IA Dakota

First real trip out in his bag for our Dakota—I’m totally in love—worked like a charm! He was so calm in the car–usually trying to climb all over me before. Took him to the vet and of course, had to take him out of it there–where he became scared. Once I snugged him back into the bag, he settled right down and sat quietly while I paid the bill and then again was totally calm in the car! Recommending these to all my cat loving friends!

Diana T.
Center State, IA

Nancy S., Maryland Heights MO Cleo & Zoie

Cleo and Zoie, St. Louis, MO, going to the vet!  Love their bags!

Nancy S.
Maryland Heights, MO

Sue S., Albany NY Angel

My Angel loves her bag… At the Vets office everyone loved the idea.

Sue S.
Albany, NY

Pat Tichy., Garwin IA Javiar

This is Javier. He is a very high anxiety animal in the car. He’s yowling, panting, drooling and vomiting before we can get to the vet. Tried our new Cat in the Bag carrier today. This is him in the car. Calm. Thanks for a great product!

Pat T.
Garwin, IA

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