Midnight Blue

Cat Themed Double-handled Fabric Purse from Cat-ON-the-bag by Cat-in-the-bag

1 main pocket, 1 inside zippered pocket and 1 cell phone pocket. Top of purse zips closed.

Purse for cat lovers has 100 percent polyester fabric.

15 inches long x 12 inches high x 5 inches deep; double-handle drop of 11 inches.

Blue and gold cats fabric purse is ideal for keys, wallet, makeup, cell phone; use for school, work, daily errands or give as a gift.

Carry by the double handles or use them over the shoulder.


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This colorful cat-themed fabric purse and shoulder bag is about to make your next shopping trip a lot more stylish. A unique and artistic purse, the MIDNIGHT BLUE shoulder bag is durable and features a double shoulder strap.

The purse’s one large zippered main pocket is roomy for larger items such as books and umbrellas, and the one inside zippered pocket will help keep your keys, wallet, cosmetics, cell phone and other valuables safe as you run errands. There is a separate cell phone pocket.

Ideal for shopping, school and daily use, this colorful cat purse with an adjustable strap is a perfect gift. The artistic shoulder bag boasts the following features:

  • Professionally printed, highly durable material with sharp, colorful designs that stand up to fading
  • Fabric that’s not easily wrinkled and resists water damage Benefits of investing in a 100% polyester shoulder bag include:
  • Fast drying times: Polyester is ideal for travel as it dries quickly and is water-resistant. You don’t have to wait long hours for your bag to dry in places that experience frequent rain and high humidity levels.
  • Innately attractive and bright fibers: Polyester is a heat-sensitive material, meaning it retains its decorative pleats, patterns, shapes and vibrant colors over the long term.
  • Retains its original shape even after machine washing: You can confidently put your 100% polyester shoulder purse in the washing machine with other clothes as polyester doesn’t mix with other fabrics’ dyes. Unlike other materials, polyester can retain its original shape after a thorough wash and has good dyeing properties and wear resistance. It will also stand up to fading and not lose its color even after long periods of use.

The MIDNIGHT BLUE shoulder bag can be safely machine- or hand-washed. Use warm water and an all-purpose detergent if you decide to wash the purse in a machine. Tumble dry at a low temperature.

Sizing Chart

Extra Small Size is for cats under 5 lbs.

Small Size is for most cats under 10 lbs.

Large is for most cats 10 lbs. or more.

Extra-Large is a specialty size for very large cats, typically big-breed males. These cats may start around 20 pounds and range up to 40 pounds or more, with a torso length of at least 18 inches from base-of-neck to base-of-tail. If your cat does not meet the size criteria  for XL, you should order large instead.