What is the difference between the Cozy Comfort Carrier and the E-Z Zip Carrier?
The main difference is the length of the zipper. We are phasing in a zipper that opens the side and bottom of the bag — that’s the E-Z Zip. The older style, the Cozy Comfort, opens along the bottom of the bag only. It is the same great bag we’ve been selling for 18 years, and while it lasts, it’s $5 less than the E-Z Zip.

Why is the Cozy Comfort Carrier better than a box carrier?
Many cats do not like forced confinement. The Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier is designed so the cat’s head stays out, and the roomy bag doesn’t make him feel trapped. The bag allows your cat to have this full range of motion: lying down and stretching out, sitting up, standing up, and turning around. He will be restrained so that you don’t lose him while traveling, but he will be restrained comfortably so he will not be as stressed as he might be in a crate. Your cat can be secured next to you on the car seat by using the handle on the bag as a seat-belt pass through. The bag carrier does not add any weight to the cat and is not as awkward to carry as the crate. The cat does not slide or scrabble back and forth like he would in a crate — the hammock-like bag keeps him in one spot. In the exam room at the vet’s, the bag becomes a tool for the technicians and the doctor. They can leave the neckline fastened and access the cat by unzipping the bottom to take the temperature, check skin and hair or draw blood. They have more control over him, and he stays calmer. The bag carrier also has uses at home too, for medicines, dental care, bathing and nail-trimming.

Can I use the Cozy Comfort Carrier to Trim nails or administer medicine?
Yes, you can use the bag to trim nails. Here is a link to our YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma1BDpZQTqg Our Bag-style carrier also is excellent as a holding bag for medicating your cat and clipping nails. It is roomy, so it is easy to get your cat in. This way they are held securely, but comfortably.

Can my cat get out of the Cozy Comfort Carrier?
Our carrier has an adjustable Velcro strip that allows you to tighten the collar snugly around your cat’s neck. Make sure there is enough room to get a finger under the collar. This way the cat is held securely and comfortably. There is no tension on the neck when the carrier is lifted by the handle. Our carrier is roomy and the cat cannot brace against it to work his way out. Make sure to get the right size to fit him properly. Check out our video on our Home page to see how it works.

Can my cat scratch through the Cozy Comfort Carrier?
The Cozy Comfort Carriers are made of tightly woven cotton. Even if the nail tips poke through, that weave prevents snagging, and the nails don’t get stuck. The bag carrier is also very loose-fitting, so it’s difficult for a cat to rake against it like he can on a solid sides carrier. The bags are also guaranteed. If a cat is ever able to rip a hole in it, you get a replacement.

Does the Cozy Comfort Carrier really work?
Some people are so accustomed to struggling with their cats to get them into the crate carrier that they assume our bag style carrier will be the same – or worse. They couldn’t be more wrong. Our Cozy Comfort Carrier is designed from the cats’ point of view – once their head is free, they don’t feel or fear confinement.   Our bag provides a gentle restraint. They are held securely, but with their head out, they do not feel confined – like in the crate. They are far less likely to struggle. The Cozy Comfort Carrier will work better than a crate, or your money back within 30 days, Guaranteed! Check out our Testimonial Page.

Does the Cozy Comfort Carrier work well for long trips?
Yes! They are great for long trips. If you use the handle as a seatbelt pass-thru, the cat can doze comfortably on the seat.  Take a litter box along on the floor I the back, and also some water.

How do you get the cat into the Cozy Comfort Carrier?
Using our Cozy Comfort Carrier is easy. There is an adjustable collar on the top and a zipper across the bottom. Open both and gather them together, then slip it over your cat’s head. Once his head is through, adjust the collar until it is snug. At that point, the cat is secure in the carrier. Pull the rest of the bag over the cat and zip the bottom closed. See the video on our home page.

How long does order processing and shipping take?
Typically, we process and ship orders within 2 business days and we ship via Priority Mail.  This means that any order in the US should arrives in a week or less.

Is this the same as the holding bag veterinarians use?
Our bag-style carrier has an important difference from the holding bags used by vets, which fit tightly and immobilize a cat. Our bag is loose and roomy. The cat can lay down, stretch out, sit up, stand up, and even turn around — the bag turns with him because he wears it. We designed it with enough material so he can move into any position. That way, he’s comfortable for traveling. With his head out, we’re aiming to keep him from feeling confined, and he can feel more secure by being able to interact with his owner.

My cat keeps getting a paw out through the collar. What should I do?
Tighten the collar!

What if I have more questions?
Email: sales@cat-in-the-bag.com

What if I need to exchange the size?
We offer size exchanges within 30 days. Just return your carrier with a note as to the size you want and your shipping address to: Cat-in-the-bag Co. PO Box 92 Ellwood City, PA 16117 As soon as we get it, we will send the new size out.

What if my cat has accidents while traveling?
In many cases it is the crate that causes anxiety, and that’s what makes cats have accidents. If so, the Cozy Comfort Carrier would solve the problem. If your cat has a history of accidents,  Acci-Don’t’s, our disposable liners that adhere to the inside of the bag are available on this website.

What is the Cozy Comfort Carrier made of?
The bag is made of a tightly woven cotton that resists snags and scratches because of that tight weave, yet it is still soft and comfortable.

What is your return policy?
Cat-in-the-bag Co. offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions. After 30 days, Cat-in-the-bag Co. will accept carriers under these terms and conditions: Unused Carriers: The buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipment. The product is returned in its original condition. Shipping and Handling will not be refunded. The original Purchase price is subject to a 15% restocking charge.   Used Carriers The buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipment. The product is returned in usable condition. Shipping and Handling will not be refunded. The original Purchase price is subject to a 40% restocking charge.   Return the carrier to : Cat-in-the-bag Co. PO Box 92 Ellwood City, PA 16117

What size should I get?
The carriers come in small, large and extra-large. If you have cats under 10 pounds, get a small. A large is fine for most cats 10 pounds and up. Extra large is a specialty size for very large cats who are not only heavy, but long and tall. These cats start at 20 and can range over 35 lbs.  Big-breed cats such as Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats are examples of cats who may need an extra-large. If you have some cats over and under 10 pounds and you only want one carrier, get a large. The necklines adjust to the neck of a smaller cat and extra room is not a problem for him. Do not, however, use an Extra-Large carrier for a very small cat. The collar should be snug on the neck.

Sizing Chart

Extra Small Size is for cats under 5 lbs.

Small Size is for cats under 10 lbs.

Large is for most cats over 10 lbs.

Extra-Large is a specialty size for very large cats, typically big-breed males. These cats may start around 20 pounds and range up to 40 pounds or more, with a torso length of at least 19 inches from base-of-neck to base-of-tail. If your cat does not meet the size criteria  for XL, you should order large instead.