Diana E., State Center IA Dakota

First real trip out in his bag for our Dakota—I’m totally in love—worked like a charm! He was so calm in the car–usually trying to climb all over me before. Took him to the vet and of course, had to take him out of it there–where he became scared. Once I snugged him back into the bag, he settled right down and sat quietly while I paid the bill and then again was totally calm in the car! Recommending these to all my cat loving friends!

Diana T.
Center State, IA

Nancy S., Maryland Heights MO Cleo & Zoie

Cleo and Zoie, St. Louis, MO, going to the vet!  Love their bags!

Nancy S.
Maryland Heights, MO

Sue S., Albany NY Angel

My Angel loves her bag… At the Vets office everyone loved the idea.

Sue S.
Albany, NY

Pat Tichy., Garwin IA Javiar

This is Javier. He is a very high anxiety animal in the car. He’s yowling, panting, drooling and vomiting before we can get to the vet. Tried our new Cat in the Bag carrier today. This is him in the car. Calm. Thanks for a great product!

Pat T.
Garwin, IA

Nancy B., Berlin NH Neala

Neala wasn’t happy about traveling to the vet, but this was much better than when I have to put her in a carrier! Also, my vet loved it!

Nancy B.
Berlin, NH

“I have one cat who doesn’t like a (crate) carrier. I put her on my lap, she settles down and goes right to sleep.” Kate takes her cat on a 3- to 4-hour car trip from Staten Island to a vacation home in Delaware.

Kate M.
Staten Island, NY

“I slid my arm through the strap and just held on,” said Shirley, who had to take her cat to an emergency vet appointment on the back of a motorcycle, the only vehicle she had available. She had just purchased the bag that day at the Ohio State Fair. “It was a blessing,” she said.

Shirley C.
Columbus, OH

Our older cat has kidney failure, and we keep him in there to give treatment. I’ve had more comments from vets and animal shelters — “Where did you get this?!” We are very, very pleased. And, it washes up great.

Machelle H.
Peninsula, OH

I Love it! Saves me from being torn to pieces.

Nicki R.
South Bend, IN

What I liked is I was able to take the cat to the vet and hair didn’t get all through the car.

Martha V.
Butler, PA